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Recruiting from PanCaptain
PanSaptain Group specializes in high-quality search and selection of professionals and middle managers and senior managers. This is a team of professionals that quickly, but the quality will give you a decent and appropriate in all the spectra of your job candidates to replenish your team of professionals for successful business!

Why to go for service on the selection of high-quality staff?

Search and selection of personnel engaged in non-core
 in this field worker.
Search and selection of personnel, it would seem, the function is not complicated. But it seems, as long as you do not run into it. In many companies where there is no HR-department are engaged secretaries, assistant managers, accountants, personnel department, who mainly work with documents, and so can be listed. It is people-employees who do not have special training, knowledge, skills, and so qualitatively right staff in the company. A mistake in the selection of today is very expensive.

Your HR does not have time. If you
 a company in which the state has a HR-manager, but the range of tasks the employee is wide enough (search and selection of personnel, development of adaptation and training, development and implementation of incentive programs, the development and introduction of a system of personnel evaluation, personnel records management), it is just do not have time to deal with the selection of personnel, and expand the state you are unable to.

Search techniques:

- Posting of vacancies in the media, paid and free web resources
- Active and passive search in the Internet
- Search for recommendations and, through an extensive network of contacts
- Search in social networks
- Search in its own database
- Direct search in the companies top executives and rare specialists who are not looking for work or not actively seek it (Executive Search).
- Direct search for a specific candidate in competing companies, companies in your industry and luring him into the company of the customer (Headhunting)

The technology works:

- Meeting the customer to explore the corporate culture, values, management style, fill out an application and discuss all features of the vacant position and future candidate
- Search
- Analysis of the summary, the initial phone interview
- A secondary interview, by personal interview with the use of projective, case-interview and interview competency, finding loyalty and motivation of the candidate, identifying personal characteristics, the analysis of professional experience
- Check and collect recommendations from past jobs
- If necessary, testing of candidates
- Analysis and selection of the best candidates
- The organization of meetings of candidates with the Customer
- Support of the candidate at the stage of probation