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Today, the knowledge gained just ten or five years ago, are no longer sufficient to effectively conduct business, especially for complex FMCG market. A successful entrepreneur must now not only be an expert in his "narrow" area, but also the financier, manager, psychologist, a marketer. Competition, integration into the world economy, new laws and tools of business make business people are increasingly thinking about getting additional business - education.

Business training, seminars, training courses provide the latest knowledge in the field of business management in the marketplace. You get the necessary financial analysis skills, be able to learn to predict the development of business and to respond adequately to changes in the external and internal environment.

The curriculum areas are:

  •     Basics of Business
  •     Strategy for Business
  •     The practice of entrepreneurship
  •     Competitiveness
  •     Security and Law
  •     Economy and Finance
  •     Marketing Technology
  •     Management - Enterprise Management
  •     Information Technology
  •     Human Resource Management
  •     Accounting and Taxes

The modular principle of the organization of business - training provides opportunity to choose the desired course and a set of programs. The tests included in the structure of the module allowed to pass remote attestation.



Specialty consulting company Pancaptain-management consulting enterprise market FMCG, all kinds and forms of activity. As well as professional advice on marketing executives and marketing directors, holding consultative workshops and seminars.

Our main task - to organize and update the most successful methods of management, promoting development and improving the stability of companies for our customers. We collect, process and develop the experience of Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, analyze the results of scientific research and developments in the field of business management for the implementation of the most successful and effective team of our clients.

Pancaptain consultants have long experience in FMCG companies market and in consulting companies. Cooperation of Pancaptains leading educational and research institutions provides an opportunity for our consultants continuously improve their own skills and transfer to our clients the latest techniques and developments.

The effectiveness of the consultants Pancaptain determined by their personal creativity, practical experience in the business and the provision of consulting services in sectors such as wholesale and retail trade, electricity, oil and gas, food and food processing industry, finance and banking, high technology, etc .

As part of its consulting services business consultants Pancaptain conduct trainings and seminars for sales, marketing, motivation and training of staff for strategic development of companies and others.

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