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About the Company

Group PanSaptain designed to increase the efficiency of your business. We offer the most important services for today's market FCMG. Some of our services is so new and unique that today are unique in Europe.
Direction of PanCaptain:
- Portal of employment opportunities in the field of FMCG (Innovation)
- Search and selection of qualified personnel (recruiting)
- Personnel RSDM (new service in Ukraine and abroad)
- Software
- Consulting and Training
- Merchandising agency
1. Employment portal in the field of FMCG - this is the first and unique resource for locating and searching for a job and resume in all major specialties in the field of FMCG. The uniqueness of the project especially in an easy separation by occupation, region and lines of business, which greatly reduces the search time.

2. PanSaptain Group specializes in high-quality search and selection of professionals, middle managers and senior managers in the field of FMCG. We provide:
- Recruitment, job search and recruitment services, including Headhunting and Executive Search
- Outsourcing of HR administration services, with legal support
- HR audit
- HR-Consulting
- Proficiency testing
- Psychological diagnosis staff
- Labour
3. Staffing service RSDM - innovation in business. This is the basis of the regional managers who work on the system Freelance.
4. PanCaptain provides software to automate business processes, increase sales and their reporting
5. Cooperation with our agency merchandising will allow you to have a few weeks to increase sales and save time and budget.

6. We are ready to provide your company consulting and training in the field of sales and HR
Our advantages are:
  •     Group PanSaptain focused on quality and on time.
  •     Wide range of services.
  •     Quality assurance and confidentiality of services.
  •     Individual approach to each client.
  •     Optimal price / speed / quality.