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PanSaptain will find regional and national managers in 24 hours


New unique service in the CIS group of companies PanСaptain! Recruitment specialists within 24 hours will give the top two candidates for the post of regional or national manager for any company to market FMCG, in accordance with the needs, taking into account the specifics of the company and the specific market segment in which the company operates.

Looking for a good sales person, the corresponding high demands of employers and able to make a significant contribution to the company, takes a lot of valuable time for both the leader and the professional HR-manager. PanSaptain do it for 24 hours, and it's really save you time and effort.
PanSaptain has the most comprehensive database of highly skilled sales managers in different regions and countries, and offers the most comprehensive range of services for effective recruitment. All efforts to find specialists
PanСaptain take on giving the customer the consistent outcome.

Contact us for an application or more information:

E-mail: irinasazhen@gmail.com  Skipe: iriwas_hr   +38 050 77 239 73

PanСaptain guarantees efficiency and quality of the recruiting services. The company's specialists accompany the candidate on the stage of the trial period - 3 months (6 months for the top - position), and, if directed his candidate does not pass, PanSaptain agrees to provide a one-time replacement for free.