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The system
of customer relationship management (CRM-system, the reduction from the English, Customer Relationship Management) - software applications for organizations designed to automate the interaction strategies with customers (clients), in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing customer information and history of relationship with them, establish and improve business processes and subsequent analysis of the results.

Actually, CRM - is the concept of relationship management. In terms of business management enterprise system is the organization of the front-office with orientation to the needs of the client, to work actively with the client.
System help the owner, director and supervisor to be aware of all processes at all levels: Manufacturer -> Distributor -> Salesman -> Point of Sale, and manage sales performance and employee to know and perform all your tasks.

User tablet computer always has access to the system, in the presence of the Internet. All data is updated in the system in a fraction of seconds and is available immediately after their vneseniya.Sistema developed a web-based technologies, requires no installation on your computer. Established only specific applications for Android-based devices.
One of the main characteristics of our system is the ease of use. The system does not require much computer skills and knowledge, it can be easy to understand as a trading agent and director of the company which has only 15 minutes to get full information about shipments and landings distributor.